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Deborah & Vera have joined together as "Sisters of Wellness". We are on a mission

to empower our Sisters to be the best they can be. With a little coaching we will

"Sow Seeds of Encouragement!" 





Sisters of Wellness working together as a team. Understanding your needs and here to support you. Helping you to reconnect with yourself. Online trainings: one on one therapeutic sessions and group sessions to inspire and encourage you!

Want to Work with Us Both?

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Vera Jacobs
Emotional Support Consultant 

I am a Health & Wellness Coach specializing in Emotional Support. Is your body in pain? Are we holding on to negative emotions? Are you in need of a listening ear? The best medicine is having someone to talk to -- to coach you through the pain, hurt and stress that has built up in our bodies. Release it to an empathetic ear -- No judgment! Negative emotions brings on pain, stress, anxiety and unhealthy food choices. The organs need to release those toxic emotions. How will you do it?  Allow me to coach you through life's twist and turns!

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I am a Wellness Consultant specializing in Gut Health.  I provide Nutritional Support. We eat, drink and breathe in toxins every day, which can cause our bodies to become overburden; resulting in disease, allergies, immune deficiencies, overweight and underweight concerns. Some changes are needed or required in your diet to succeed in your journey to better health. The best place to start is by having a Certified Nutritional Therapist who can empathize and understand your struggles. I can help you transform! 



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