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See what our fabulous clients have to say about Holistic Solutions by Vera!
Remember we "Change Your Health Naturally."

"This was really relaxing, and at times I felt my muscle releasing some reaction in my leg with a relaxing feeling. I love it!" - Sabrina

"I can feel the difference each time I come. Very relaxing and the Lavender and Pine Needle Oil helped relieved my headache immediately." - Greer

"Very relaxing experience. I can feel flexibility improvement in my joints. I am able to move the knee with arthritis more." - Mary

"Such a relaxing experience, felt like 10 minutes. You can really feel the difference in your feet!." - David G.

"I truly enjoyed my visit and learned so much. Looking forward to bringing one of my daughters back to see Vera and I strongly feel she can help her. Thanks so much!" - Stines

"I really loved this session. It made me feel very very relaxed and happy. I got to express my feelings and  share my goals with Mrs. Jacobs. We even got to laugh at jokes. I want to thank her and my lovely Mom for this. If I could, l would give my Mom the gold medal for "Best Mom ever" and Mrs. Jacobs the gold medal for "Best Reflexologist ever".  - Chanel

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